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After my son  ( heide-wachter kennel ) was started with ring sports, I was also interested. Because of health problems of my own, training dogs is too heavy for me. Therefore I started to specialize in breeding  of balanced Malinois with a strong but fair character. Here we will always ensure that the social aspect is not lost. After course of years we have been possible then nevertheless build abeautiful basis for breeding our Malinois. At present we have dogs with excellent blood lines: of Kempens Glorie, of Berlex-Hoeve, of Duvetorre, Perle the Tourbiére, of the Oostmolen, of the Muizenbos, A’Tim of Lopes, Van Spalbeek etc.. Several of our litters are used as a sport and practice dog, even in U.S., Austria, Germany and France.

Het Heidehof:
Pauwels Jacqueline
Deurnestraat 160
3583 Paal - Beringen    België

Tel. : 00 32 (0)13/66.31.31.
GSM: 00 32 (0)470/34.34.60.
e-mail: jacpauwels@gmail.com

erkenningsnummer: HK 10702812
" Het Heide-Hof "
Accepted breeder through NVBK